Midgraphix is proud to have collaborated with Terra Cacia, a remarkable premium skin care company that embarked on a 12-year journey of extensive research. Driven by a passion for creating exceptional and effective products in the overcrowded skin care market, Terra Cacia’s dedication has culminated in a range of extraordinary offerings.

As their creative partner, Midgraphix has had the privilege of creating complete branding and packaging design that captures the essence of Terra Cacia’s vision and sets them apart in the competitive landscape. Our team of talented designers, with a deep understanding of the industry, has meticulously crafted a visual identity that reflects the brand’s values, sophistication, and commitment to excellence.

With careful attention to detail, our designs not only enhance the packaging aesthetics but also preserve the integrity and efficacy of Terra Cacia’s premium formulations. We have leveraged our expertise to create packaging that stands out, leaving a lasting impression on customers in the crowded skin care market.

Midgraphix understands the significance of Terra Cacia’s 12-year journey and the invaluable research that underpins their products. Through our exceptional branding and packaging design, we aim to amplify the brand’s story, convey its unique selling points, and establish a strong and credible presence in the industry.

Terra Cacia


Branding, Packaging